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Invitation to Dealers, Distributors, and Laboratories in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kerala, and Nearby Areas

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

Greetings from Distributor Search India.

We are thrilled to extend a cordial invitation to you for a remarkable event - a single-day Micro Exhibition showcasing cutting-edge laboratory products and opportunities for dealership. This event will take place on 5th March 2024 at the prestigious Hotel Sarovar Portico.

Product on offer :

  • Discover innovative laboratory products, including:

    • Laboratory Equipment

    • Measuring Equipment

    • Analytical Equipment

    • Laboratory Chemicals

    • Laboratory Glassware

    • Laboratory Plasticware

    • Diagnostic Kits

    • Biotechnology Kits

Benefits of Visiting :

  • Engage with industry-leading manufacturers

  • Explore dealership opportunities

  • Network with fellow professionals

  • Benefit from special exhibition offers

Event Details :

  • Date: 5th March 2024

  • Venue: Hotel Sarovar Portico, Trivandrum

  • Registration: Free of charge

  • Timings: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Don't miss this invaluable opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of laboratory technology. Join us at the Micro Exhibition on 5th March 2024, and unlock a world of possibilities!

For inquiries and registration, please contact Distributor Search India at 9004135086 / 7304016047 or fill the form below.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at this prestigious event.

Warm regards,

Team - Distributor Search India


Dealer / Distributor Registration

Dealer / Laboratory Registration

The Micro Exhibition on Laboratory Products would be beneficial for:

  1. Dealers and Distributors: Those interested in expanding their product offerings or looking for new business opportunities by partnering with manufacturers of laboratory equipment and supplies.

  2. Laboratories: Professionals working in scientific and medical laboratories who are seeking to stay updated on the latest advancements in equipment and technologies to improve their lab operations.

  3. Researchers: Individuals involved in research activities who require access to cutting-edge laboratory equipment, chemicals, and kits for their experiments and studies.

  4. Educational Institutions: Representatives from universities, colleges, and research institutions who are responsible for procuring laboratory equipment and supplies for their academic programs and research projects.

  5. Industry Professionals: Professionals working in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, and related industries who require laboratory products for quality control, research, and development purposes.

  6. Entrepreneurs: Individuals interested in starting a laboratory equipment distribution business or exploring opportunities for dealership and collaboration in the laboratory equipment industry.

  7. Anyone Interested in Science and Technology: Enthusiasts who have a keen interest in science and technology and wish to explore the latest innovations and developments in laboratory products.

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