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Lucrative Chemical Dealership Opportunities in India: Leading Companies Offering Distribution of Chemicals, Adhesives, Laboratory Chemicals, and Specialty Formulations

Explore exclusive distributorship and dealership opportunities in India, featuring a diverse range of high-demand chemical products. From adhesives and coatings to laboratory and fine chemicals, below listed companies offer solutions spanning various industries. Whether you're interested in agriculture, industry, or research, you'll find a comprehensive catalog of quality chemical offerings. Join hands with industry leaders and unlock your business's full potential today.

Oxford Lab Fine Chem LLP 

Laboratory Chemicals & Reagents – Stains – Indicators, Precious Metallic Salts, Bio Chemicals, Ion Pair Reagents, Specialty Chemicals, Standard Solutions, Acids LR/AR.


Texochem Industries 

Adhesives, Coatings, Polymeric Emulsions For Printing, Packaging, Construction, Textiles & Leather Industries


Qualikems Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. 

Laboratory Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Food Grade Chemicals

Quachem Chemicals & Solution Providers 

Chemicals For (Agro, Drinking Water, Industrial, Poultry, F & B) - Agro Chemicals, Food Grade Mineral Additives, Industrial Grade Descalants, Ready To Use Disinfectants (Home, Surface, Spraying, Vegetable, Hospital), Universal Disinfectants, Cleaner-Cum-Disinfectant, Sterile FOGG, Enviro Friendly Disinfectants, Cooling Tower Chemical, Boiler Chemical, R.O. Water Treatment Chemical, Detergents & Hand Wash Chemicals, Effluent Treatment Chemicals, Utility & General Chemicals, Specialty Descalant, Sterile Fogger, PH Booster, Chemical, Fumigant  & Disinfectant (Hydrogen Peroxide) For Housing Societies, Detergents & Floor Cleaning Chemicals, Chemical For Coagulation & Flocculation in Wastewater Treatment.

Aerol Formulations
Pvt. Ltd.

Leading Manufacturers of Performance Chemicals, Aerosol Products & Specialty Lubricants  (High Performance Specialty Lubricants & Industrial MRO Solutions, Mould Release Agents, Anti Spatter Agents For Welding, Industrial Maintenance Products (Industrial Coatings, Industrial Lubricants, Corrosion Preventives, Industrial Cleaners, Testing & Inspection Products), Specialty Lubricants (EP & Long Term Grease, High Performance Grease  With Solid Lubricants, Non Melt Compounds, Anti Seize Compounds, Powders & Pastes, Special Purpose Greases, Contact Grease, Silicone Compounds & Greases, Synthetic Compounds & Greases, Synthetic Fluids & Oils, Damping Compounds), Auto Care Products, RTV Silicone Sealants, Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer, Fragrance Products.

Kimberlite Waterplus

Pvt. Ltd.

Water Treatment Chemicals (Pre Treatment, Membrane Treatment, Boiler Water Treatment, Cooling Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Evaporator Treatment), Sugar Process Chemicals, Water Treatment Equipment & Products.


S. D. Fine - Chem Limited 

Large Range Of Lab / Fine / Specialty / Rare And Research Chemicals. We are the only catalogue company in India having capability of producing high purity solvents as well as complex organic compounds  and analytical reagents for highly critical applications right from grams to several tons.

Chemical companies offering dealership in the Aurangabad dealer meet

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