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Electrify Your Business: Explore Domestic and Industrial Electrical Goods Dealership Opportunities Across India

Discover exciting dealership and distributorship opportunities for domestic and industrial electrical goods and products in every city across India. Uncover a world of potential partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, and take your business to new heights by meeting the diverse needs of customers nationwide

Neskeb Cables Pvt. Ltd. (Rajkot)

Building Wire, Submersible Pump Cables, Fire Survival Cable, Twin Cable with Earth, Single Core Wires, Round Flexible Cables, Welding Cables, Auto Cables, Battery Cables, Instrumentation Cable, Harmonize Cable, Solar Cables, Armored Cables

Suyog Electricals Ltd. (Vadodara)

SEPL’s product range comprises of various types and sizes of LT Cables up to 1.1kV Grade such as: Power, Control, Signal, Instrumentation, Instrumentation Cables, Signaling Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, Fire Survival Cables, Foundation Field Bus Cables, EPR Cables, Thermocouple Cables, KYNAR/PVDF Insulated Cables

M. G. Electrica (Nashik)(Ambala Cantt)

Leading Electrical Component Manufacturing Company. Our Product Range Includes Copper Ring Type Lugs, Copper Tubular Lugs, Aluminum Tubular Lugs, Copper Lugs, Copper Connectors, Aluminum Reducers, Cable Connectors, Aluminum Connectors, End Sealing Ferrule, Battery Cable Lugs, Bimetallic Lugs, Cable Lugs, Crimping Tools, Compression Cable Lugs & More

Dealership Offered for selected cities only by the above listed companies

interested to advertise your product dealership offer, fill a form at the following link and we will get in touch with you

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